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What's the difference between the Minibus Chase and the Big Bus Chase?
What's the difference between the Minibus Chase and the Big Bus Chase?

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Both tours have similarly high chances of catching the Aurora and both tours last between 6 and 10 hours, depending on how far we have to drive to find clear sky and how late the Northern Lights show. Both tours travel in the same direction on their chase to find the best weather and the guides on both tours help each other out with updates about the sky conditions. To keep group sizes to a minimum, they typically do not stop in the exact same location.

The Big Bus has an on-board restroom, while on the Minibus Chase, we try to make stops at public restrooms, if possible.

Both tours will commence pick-up from the same central location, Tromsø Havn Prostneset.

Group sizes, prices and inclusions are different. Find out more below.

Group Sizes

Minibus: Up to 13

Big Bus: Up to 50

Minibus: Expedition meal, winter suits, snow boots, tripods, hot drinks, hotel drop-off within the city center, photos

Big Bus: Hot drinks, cookies, photos

Minibus: from 2,200 NOK

Big Bus: from 1,200 NOK


If you're looking for a small group size with a personal atmosphere, our Minibus Chase is the right choice.

If you're looking for a budget tour and don't mind the larger group size, consider joining our Big Bus Chase!

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